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Opened: From prehistory to the 1950s

About the collection
Our historic buildings take you on a journey through time from pre-history to the 1950s. Some of our buildings were saved from demolition and rebuilt by volunteers at the Museum. Others have been constructed to represent different periods of history. Our buildings are 'sets' for the objects collected by the Museum over the last half century. The objects bring to life our buildings, showing visitors how ordinary people lived and worked in the past.

You can read more about our buildings below and get a sense of what you might see if you visit the Museum.

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Items within the collection

Iron Age Roundhouse
Date: Iron Age
Info: A glimpse into life in the Iron Age


Our Iron Age roundhouse is a reconstruction of what a typical North York Moors roundhouse might have been like. It provides an atmospheric idea of how Iron Age people might have lived.

Manor House
Date: Tudor
Info: An impressive Manor House building


The Manor House is regarded by visitors as one of our most impressive buildings. Its simple cruck-framed construction creates a magnificent open space. Originally built in the late 16th century, it was moved from the nearby village of Harome by volunteers, and rebuilt at the Museum in 1971.

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Daylight Photographic Studio
Date: 1800s
Info: William Hayes Daylight Studio


It's still a great place to take a photo, as it was when William Hayes built the studio to run his commercial photographic business from in 1902. The studio incorporates a darkroom and finishing room too.

Crofter's Cottage
Date: Reconstruction
Info: A reconstruction of a typical crofter's cottage of the era


Step inside our crofter's cottage and get a sense of a typical crofter's dwelling between the 13th and 16th century.

White Cottage
Date: Victorian
Info: A cottage saved from demolition, dressed in a Victorian style


Restored as a Victorian period cottage, this cruck-framed building used to be at the village of Harome. The interior and its contents are based on a typical late 19th century cottage.

White Cottage
Stang End
Date: 18th century
Info: A cruck-framed longhouse.


This 17th century cruck house was brought to the Museum from the village of Danby (where it stood for 500 years) and restored to reflect the way of life of a farming family.

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