Evacuee Activity Day

The second world war was a pivotal moment in history for Britain and the world. Visit the museum with your group and immerse them in a day where they will be an evacuee. Billeted with local people on their arrival, pupils will help with different tasks to find out what life was like for a wartime evacuee.

Village store

Helping in the museum’s village store, groups will learn about rationing and receive their daily sweet ration.


Groups will help prepare and bake fruity potato cakes , finding out more about rationing and how it affected home life.

Make do & Mend

Keeping your home and self looking good didn’t stop during the war! Groups will find out how people did just that even when clothes were rationed.


Pupils will be able to meet and talk to people who grew-up and lived during the war through their first-hand stories (please note that this activity is dependent on volunteer availability).

Cost – £5.50 per child (excluding VAT)