Iron Age Life

There is no better place to learn what life was like in Iron Age Britain than in a roundhouse. So, visit us with your group and experience a taste of life in the Iron Age making full use of the museum’s reconstructed roundhouse. We are also able to incorporate information about the Stone Age, comparing and contrasting lives in these two pre-historic periods.


Based on the remains of a roundhouse discovered and excavated locally, the roundhouse will provide an atmospheric and memorable experience for your group. Pupils will discover what life was like for ordinary people in the Iron Age – how they lived, how buildings were constructed, what they ate and how they cooked food.

Weaving for wearing

Investigate Iron Age clothing and discover  the tools and techniques needed to turn sheep fleece into wool for weaving.


Groups will make and decorate a clay pot to take away whilst learning about the different methods to make pots, and how an Iron Age potter would decorate them.

£5.50 per child (excluding VAT)