Homes Through the Ages

Discover just how much our homes and lives have changed over the past 4,000 years as your group immerse themselves in the lives of our Iron Age, Tudor and Victorian ancestors. Throughout the day your children will experience the life of a Victorian child as they carry out their chores in our atmospheric cottage, discover the Tudor way of life in a reconstructed crofter’s home and uncover the mysteries of the Iron Age home, where they can truly get hands-on with our collection.

This activity day is adaptable for both KS1 and KS2, and gives an excellent picture of how buildings and lives have changed over time.

Pickard’s Cottage (Victorian) Groups will be shown the rooms of the house and given chores to do with traditional tools – including bed-making, floor-sweeping, rug-beating and scrubbing the stone steps

Roundhouse (Iron Age) The reconstructed roundhouse offers a perfect backdrop to learning about life in the Iron Age. Groups will find out all about building materials and everyday household objects.

Crofter’s Cottage (Tudor) By first exploring how the cottage is built groups will learn about Tudor life and homes. Everyday items will be studied with a hands-on task of grinding corn with a quern stone.

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£8.00 per child (exc VAT). Maximum of 45 children.

For more information or to book – [email protected]

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