Stone Age to Iron Age

The Museum’s roundhouse provides the perfect backdrop for an immersive pre-history visit. We are now able to extend our ever-popular Iron Age activity day to cover a range of new Stone Age and Iron Age activities. Our sessions are designed to complement the curriculum and our costumed educators are skilled in engaging children’s curiosities.

Create your own bespoke day by selecting three Museum-led activities, from Iron Age discovery, to flint handling, pottery, weaponry and weaving for wearing.

Iron Age Discovery

Discover Iron Age life in our round house as you investigate how it was built, handle our collection objects and uncover the mysteries of the Iron Age home.


How did our ancestors hunt? Why did they fight? Which weapons did they use? During our hands-on weaponry activity children will handle replica weapons and may get the opportunity to have a go at spear throwing.


Explore the importance of pottery in the Iron Age and the significance of these finds today, as your class create their own pieces to take home.

Flint Handling

Handle real flint artefacts used by our Stone Age ancestors. Discover their uses, the stories of the past they reveal and see flint knapping in action.

Weaving for Wearing

Investigate the clothing of our Iron Age ancestors as our costumed interpreter leads your class through the ancient story of turning fleece into fabric. Get hands-on with the carders, drop spindles and looms as your class create their own woven fabric to take home.

£8.00 per child (exc VAT).

For more information or to book – [email protected]

Download the Hazard Identification Sheet here – Stone Age to Iron Age.