Tudor Countryside Life

With two spectacular Tudor period buildings on site and a reconstructed farmer’s cottage, our Tudor Countryside Life activity day is a unique opportunity to truly compare the rich and poor of feudal England.

The Art of Tudor Calligraphy

Discover the importance of the written word in feudal England as you use quill and ink to scribe and illuminate your own text.

Plague Potion

Investigate the medical practices of Tudor England and examine the clothing of the Plague Doctor as you create an alleged ‘cure’ for the most feared disease of the times. Help grind and mix a natural cure used by the Tudors to fight the plague.

Self-explore time – Crofter’s Cottage

Open the door of this Tudor farmer’s house and discover how and where he slept and how he lived with his animals, kept warm and what he ate and wore.

Visit timetable

£8.00 per child (exc VAT)

For more information or to book – [email protected]

Download the Hazard Identification Sheet here – Tudor Countryside Life.