Victorian Countryside Life

Our Victorian cottage, period washhouse and traditional school room provide the perfect backdrop for a day in the life of a Victorian child.

Household Chores

Beating, dusting and polishing are in order as you fulfil thetasks expected of every child in the family home. Your group will get hands-on with making the bed, beating rugs and scrubbing the step. If there’s time, we’ll make toast over the fire.

You can also roll up those sleeves and get scrubbing, starching, possing, and wringing in our washhouse with all our traditional and authentic washing equipment from dolly tubs and possers to the mangle.

Rag rugs

Learn how to rag rug and take a small piece away.

During self-explore time

We will give your group access to our Victorian school room, where you can explore what it was like to be pupil and teacher! We’ll also provide you with some traditional toys and games to play, including stick and hoop, cup and ball and skipping ropes.

Visit timetable

£8.00 per child (plus VAT)

For more information or to book – [email protected]

Download the Risk Assessment here – Victorian Countryside Life