About the collection
From heavy snowfall to local flooding, the Ryedale area has dealt with various weather patterns throughout the decades. However, not being one to let this stand in our way, locals have often found a way around it. These photographs show ways to deal with tricky weather as well as have some fun in the process.

Items within the collection

Snow on the Tracks
Date: 1916
Location: Blakey Moor
Taken By: Unknown

It was a joint effort to remove snow on the tracks, as can be seen here at Blakey Junction. This railway line connected up the ironstone mines of Rosedale with the main line at Battersby, via the Ingleby incline. It was therefore a lifeline for the industry.

Skiing on Blakey
Location: Blakey Moor
Taken By: Raymond Hayes

The Lion Inn is infamous for getting snowed under, situated on top of the North York Moors and being one of the highest pubs in England. However, one forward thinking passer-by has thought of a genius way of getting home.

Car in Snow Cutting
Location: Near Sledhoe
Taken By: Unknown

The amount of work needed to access roads can be seen in this photograph, where the depth of the snow surpassed the height of the passing car in some places.

Children Ice-Skating
Date: 13 January 1940
Location: Rosedale
Taken By: Unknown

This expanse of ice on the top of Chimney Bank has been claimed as a hockey pitch by these local children. The iconic chimney rises up right next to this make-shift rink.

Skiing on Snowdrifts
Location: Blakey Moor
Taken By: Unknown

The depth of the snowdrifts on the moor can be seen in comparison to the lone skier pictures on top of them. Blakey Ridge stretches out into the background of the photograph, looking very beautiful but barren in the snow.

Villagers Out and About
Date: November 1925
Location: Hutton-le-Hole
Taken By: William Hayes

Snow fails to make the villagers of Hutton-le-Hole housebound, as a number of them can be seen walking the paths of the village in this photograph. Snow drifts and the frozen beck made our village look like a winter wonderland.

Great Snowdrifts
Date: January 1940
Location: Spaunton
Taken By: William Hayes

Four men work on the large snow drifts at Spaunton, battling to make a way through the village.

Flooded Streets
Date: September 1931
Location: Brawby
Taken By: Unknown

Villagers took to boats as their transportation of choice after heavy rain flooded the village of Brawby. The sailboat in the background of the photograph contrasts to the more make-shift example shown in the foreground.

Cars and Snowdrifts
Date: March 1963
Location: Blakey Moor
Taken By: Unknown

Three lovely examples of 1960s cars can be seen wedged between the snowdrifts along Blakey Ridge.

Car Braves the Floods
Date: 25 August 1927
Location: Keldholme
Taken By: William Hayes

A car attempts to navigate the flooded road at Keldholme, as locals watch on from the sides. Children can be seen paddling up to their knees in the flood water.

Market Place in the Snow
Date: 1925
Location: Kirkbymoorside
Taken By: William Hayes

Becketts Bank and the Black Swan pub can be seen on either side of a snowy Kirkbymoorside marketplace.

Flooded Bus Routes
Date: September 1931
Location: Sinnington
Taken By: William Hayes

Buses can be seen still attempting to complete their routes in this wet September in Sinnington.