Our Museum through time

Opened: From 1964 to now
Put together by: Ryedale Folk Museum

About the collection
Ryedale Folk Museum opened officially in 1964. We are fortunate to have many photographs from the 1960s and 1970s when many of the Museum's buildings were rescued and rebuilt at the Museum's site.

Here we have selected images of the construction of some of the Museum's buildings and images of significant events over the last half century.
willey strong men

Items within the collection

Thatching the Manor House
Date: 1970
Info: Thatching the Manor House


Seth Ecclestone, who you can see in this photograph, thatched many of the Museum's original buildings. Here you can see Seth, thatching the Manor House for the first time at the Museum. This photograph was taken by Geoffrey Willey.

Willey thatching MH
Stang End opens
Date: 1966
Info: The opening of Stang End


Raymond Hayes, long time volunteer and supporter of the Museum, opens Stang End building. It is a cruck framed building rescued from Danby. This photo was taken by Geoffrey Willey.

Willey Stang End opening
Crofter's Cottage gets a roof
Date: 1988
Info: Thatching Crofter's Cottage


The Crofter's Cottage is a reconstruction of what a typical crofter's cottage of the 13th to 16th century would have been like. This photo was taken by Geoffrey Willey.

Willey Crofters
Rebuilding the Manor House
Date: 1970
Info: Rebuilding the Manor House


Here is an image, taken by Raymond Hayes, of volunteers at work rebuilding the Harome Manor House at the Museum.

Hayes Manor House