Learning Activities for School Groups

In the welcoming surroundings of the Museum, we are able to offer a variety of activities to support individual and group learning.

We are currently reviewing the Museum’s provision for schools and we are grateful for your patience if we are not able to provide you with an immediate or definite answer regarding a visit in 2022. 

It is our hope to have a new plan in place in early 2022 and more details will be put on this web page in due course. However, we can confirm that we will be unable to accept school visits to the Museum before mid-March 2022.

Thank you for your understanding while we plan some new and exciting activities for school groups.

Risk including Covid-19

There is a Covid-19 Risk Assessment in place at the Museum. You can find the version for External Partners (including visiting schools) here. Where we have put additional measures in place for specific activities you can find those included with each of the Hazard Identification Sheets for that activity.

Good to Go

We have achieved Visit England’s Good to Go mark for the measures we have put in place regarding coronavirus and its spread.

Victorian Countryside Life

A day in the life of a Victorian child


Tudor Countryside Life

Compare the lives of the rich and poor


Stone Age to Iron Age

Travel through pre-history


Viking Settlers

A day in the life of a Viking


Homes Through the Ages

Discover our changing homes