Discover our historic collection

Discover our historic collection

Window shop for a leech bowl at the chemist or browse to your heart’s content in our well-stocked 1950’s village store.

Imagine what life would have been like by exploring the prized possessions to be found within a Victorian cottage, a Tudor thatched longhouse and a 15th century crofter’s cottage.

Our range of workshops contain fascinating displays of equipment, for saddlery, carpentry and forging.

From bee skeps to a lacemakers’ lamp, Merrills board games to a very rare witch post, there are over 40,000 objects to catch your eye.

Don’t miss The Harrison Collection, a remarkable assemblage of beautiful and fascinating objects amassed by local brothers Edward and Richard over a period of fifty years.


If you are not able to visit the Museum, you can also explore our stories through our Museum From Home feature!