Explore more than 20 heritage buildings

Explore more than 20 heritage buildings

Many of these were relocated to the Museum in the 1960s and 70s, including the largest, a stunning thatched Manor House from Harome. With colossal crucks rising to the ceiling, it would have made an impressive location for the region’s Court Leets.

Our site is entirely dog-friendly, so your canine friends can explore the buildings with you. 

Explore at your leisure more than twenty heritage buildings, including: 

  • A vintage chemist and nostalgic village store

These two nostalgic shops are perfect for reminiscing about shopping habits. Our 1950’s shop and post-office came from moorland village Rosedale East, whilst the chemist made its way here when Helmsley chemist was modernised in the 1960s.

  • Traditional workshops of the blacksmith, cobbler, wheelwright, tinsmith, cooper, saddler and carpenter

Our workshops share the world of work in these parts, with tools collected from local businesses, starting with our blacksmith forge. For years, the blacksmith was the most important craftsman in the community. 

Set up in 1902, the studio incorporates a darkroom and finishing room. From here, William Hayes ran a successful portraiture photography business for many decades.

  • A Victorian thatched cottage, washhouse and dairy

Our cottage from Harome reflects a typical late-Victorian country home, with a cosy parlour and practical kitchen complete with a working range. 

  • A Medieval crofter’s cottage

Constructed based on archaeological evidence, our crofter’s cottage represents a typical home from the 15th century and would have housed the whole family within one room – including their livestock!

  • Our atmospheric Roundhouse, constructed to represent an Iron Age dwelling.

Our roundhouse gives an idea of what life would have been like, with cooking done on a central fire and a loom important for every family for making blankets and clothes.